Together with Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (“WISTA”), Susan started raising money for her favorite charity Women for Women International (“WfWI”) through an art auction in 2014. Isabelle heard about WfWI and met Susan through that organization. They realized they were kindred souls and began to plan the next art auction together for 2015, again with the sponsorship of WISTA. At that auction, Sahar, an artist in her own right, not only contributed artwork, but spoke about helping with the next art auction in 2016. At the following auction, Kristina, a marketing expert, was in the audience and offered to help reach more people with social media. Together with Aleksandra and Jessica, she made the following art auction in 2017 one to remember. We finally joined the digital age and set up a page on Facebook and were represented on the website of Professional Women’s Network (“PWN”), an organization that sponsored our auction in 2017. Throughout the years since we started the auction, we have raised NOK 240,000 for WfWI!

After our last auction, the six of us decided to start our own foundation, Beyond Art, with the aim to raise awareness and money for WfWI and other charities supporting people in need. Our team has created a unique logo and a website. We are also on Facebook and LinkedIn. Stay tuned as we are planning on doing great things!

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