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Beyond Charity Art Auction 2019

November 25, 2019

Oslo, Norway

Beyond Art is proud to announce that with your support we have been able to raise NOK 50,000 at the first Art Auction we hosted on 24 October 2019! This money will be transferred to Women for Women International to support their Signature Program!


It takes a village to organize a successful art auction and we want to thank each and every one of those who helped. We thank our digital wizard and promoter Janka Amirali for all your work and input that helped make our dream a reality.

We thank all the artists that generously donated their art, time and talent: Ann Beathe Schaanning, Emilie Eriksen, Marisa Ferriera, Anneta Lucero, Fatima Khan-Shamsi, Maral Jafarian, Roshan Gamage, Maryam Abtahi, Barbora Kyslikova, Rachel Wolfe, Helmtrud Nystrøm, Sahar Ajami, Dora Kittelsen, Arp Raph, Sigrid Slora Erlandsen, Dag Bæverfjord, Zarina A Hagen, Erik Saastad, Bruce Naigles and Shian-Yuan Yachi.   There would be no art auction without you and your generosity will never cease to amaze us!


We thank our inspirational speakers.  Eva Turk, thank you for sharing the story of your journey to Syria as a health delegate with the Red Cross.  You are a wonderful advocate for health literacy. Shazia Majid, thank you for telling us about the lives of immigrant women in Norway and for reminding us of the marathon they have run for all of us. We thank our musicians for the evening,  Renate Mayalila, your voice lifted the ceiling and mood at Schafteløkken. You are truly a rising star. Juan Diaz, your talent as a pianist is impressive and we thank you for giving us the musical background for registration and for your skillful accompaniment to Renata’s singing.  We thank Inger Elisabeth Solem at Schafteløkken for supporting us and finding creative solutions to our challenges at the venue. You are a treasure.


We thank the founders of Empress, Anna Karenina, and Christer Anderson, for providing the delicious and healthy welcome drinks to our guests.   Your both rule! We thank all our volunteers: Mike, Mila, Alina, Vyara and Benjamin, and, of course, our partners and spouses. You tirelessly supported us and our cause.  We thank Amin, our fast and fantastic photographer for creating memories of the event. We thank VG for donating 50 magazines for the goody bags. We thank Ida Eliasen-Coker and the team at Altså for giving us copies of their innovative magazine.  We thank the organizations that stood behind us. To the women at PWN Norway, thanks for your unfailing support of our efforts. To Victoria Noble, Sarah Wyns and Amy MacKensie at Women for Women International UK, thanks for being there for us every step of the way.


Finally, to all the people who attended and made this auction a success, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your generosity will help change the lives of many women, their families, and their communities.  


Stay tuned and follow the news on the Beyond Art Auction 2020!

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