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New artists join Beyond Art every year to contribute to meaningful causes we support and become a part of our artistic community.


As a contributing artist and art donor, you become a part of our Beyond Art Charity Art Auctions, join a growing network of talented artists globally, and help us make a difference.


In return, we provide you with an arena to develop and raise awareness about your work:

  • By connecting you with like-minded people through our networking events and online initiatives

  • Through Beyond Art Charity Art Auctions where we exhibit and auction your work to raise means for an important cause

  • Through our website and Social Media where we share the news with a broad art-loving audience

The button takes you to a form where you can submit your art to us. We also need a photograph of your donation for use in catalogues and social media so make sure you have one at hand before starting the form.

Thank you:)

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