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On 28 October 2021, Beyond Art held an art auction to raise awareness and funds for a Norwegian charity, Ung Norge.


We are proud to announce that the numbers are now in and the end result was a donation of  70,000 Norwegian kroner! This money will help Ung Norge continue its efforts in achieving equal opportunities and a better life for children and young people who need it most in Norway and in Brazil. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters. Without your help, we would not be able to achieve our goal of making the world a bit better through art. 

First and foremost, we thank Ung Norge for placing their trust in us and helping us to organize this event.  Special thanks to Ung Norge's founder,  Eivin Sundal, and to everyone's right-hand woman, Hanne Nerland, and to all Ung Norge's volunteers.  


In no particular order, we want to thank Arghavan for lending us your beautiful voice and smile for the evening.  To Maryam Imani, thank you for making those delicious pastries and reminding us all of the need for breast cancer research.  To Sissel at, thank you for helping us to spread the word.  We thank the founders of Empress, Anna Karenina and Christer Anderson, for providing us with kombucha, a healthy welcome drink for our guests.


Thanks to The Art Trotter for giving us ideas for the future and for donating an art course for the cause. Thanks to Katie, Lea and Maria, our fabulous volunteers.  


A most sincere and heartfelt thanks to our artists who donated their work to us: 

Rungg. Fatima Khan
Thomas Nesland Olsen
Dora Sofie Kittilsen
Linda Kristiansen 
Julia Zaremba
Shima Mo
Barbora BARBAR Kyslikova
Marisa Ferreira
Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang
Sahar Ajami 
Irene Christensen
Dag Hol
Alf Christian Hvaring
Bruce Naigles
Lea Nasnas Chami 
Tore Hogstvedt
Roshan Gamage Photography
Ximena Ovrid
Monika Stø
Camilla Bergvold Hauger
Maria Natalie Skjeset
Christoffer Lange

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